We have been providing quality legal services for decades. We combine sound legal counsel with a deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses to resolve their legal challenges. We care about the quality of our services, the success of our clients and the relationships that are forged through those successes.

Global Attorneys integrates appropriate asset protection strategies as part of the client's overall estate plan, addressing both the protection of the estate during the client's lifetime and at death. In the past, planning to protect assets from the claims of future creditors was almost exclusively done for high risk professionals, but that has changed significantly as expanding theories of liability and large jury awards have made everyone more conscious of the potential for unexpected liabilities.

Global workforce mobility is a crucial business issue for international organizations and a key risk area given the legal and operational difficulties that can arise should immigration compliance requirements not be adhered to, which is why Global Attorneys can assist you with all your business immigration needs.

Global Attorneys can service your labor and employment advice needs wherever your operations may be, and whatever your line of business. Our practice group lawyers can help you to steer a safe course through the issues, from the smallest day-to-day local queries to the largest international restructurings, negotiations and disputes.

Business owners often want the next generation to benefit from the long-term viability of their business. One or more of their children may want to make a life out of running the family business, whereas others may not. Whether the entity is a corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, or other business entity, we help clients maintain family control of the business while ensuring that the heirs benefit from its success in the proportions prescribed by the current owner.

Global Attorneys has served as counsel to boards of directors, audit and special board committees, and senior executives of public companies with respect to corporate governance issues and change-of-control transactions. We are proactive in monitoring the progress of proposed changes rules and regulations, and in providing up-to-date information to clients as changes ensue. Our team also guides private companies through the decision process of developing cost-effective compliance procedures. These concerns are particularly relevant if the company is considering entry into the public market as an initial public offering, an issuer of registered debt, or is an acquisition candidate.

Global Attorneys will keep your organization ahead of the curve by keeping you abreast of the legal, regulatory, policy and legislative changes that will impact your business. We advise clients in all the legal, regulatory policy and legislative issues that have substantive impacts on the way the public and private sector manages information collection, storage, transfer and cybersecurity risks both before there is a breach and after it has occurred. Global Attorneys works collaboratively across multiple jurisdictions on a diverse range of local, regional and international issues in both developed and emerging markets, operating under very different data protection, privacy and cybersecurity regimes. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and global reach, which enables us to coordinate and provide pragmatic, cost-effective advice on a multijurisdictional basis. Our solid working relationships with governments and regulatory authorities around the world enable us to help you deal effectively with regulatory issues, shape changing policies and react to legislative initiatives in this rapidly evolving area.

As countries open their borders to global business and investment by private, public and sovereign enterprise, so too do they open themselves up to the quid pro quo enforcement of multilateral government regulations and sanctions. And, so too must the enterprises doing business within those borders comply with such multilateral obligations, lest they be the target of a government investigation. Global Attorneys offers formidable and highly organized resources around the globe to effectively represent clients faced with potential investigations and any parallel civil and criminal prosecution.

Global Attorneys’ foundational values are at the heart of international law. We represent global corporations in connection with establishing and developingtheir presence worldwide. We also advise multinational clients on a wide range of cross-border mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, capital markets transactions, syndicated and secured lending, project finance, debt restructuring, as well as complex construction and other international disputes.

Global Attorneys has decades of active involvement in international transactions and disputes, we enjoy solid working relationships with established local counsel in most strategic markets of the world. Our lawyers are sensitive to the cultural and business nuances of each country and region, expertly guiding you through the complexities of international arbitrations, whether under a common law or civil law regime. By partnering with our colleagues with substantive industry expertise, our international arbitration practitioners bring you an in-depth understanding of sectors such as oil and gas, technology, pharmaceutical, franchising, infrastructure, construction, transportation, project finance, financial services and M&A.

Global Attorneys works with Mid, Small, Micro and Macro Cap companies and other strategic buyers and sellers, as well as private equity firms and other financial buyers and sellers from middle market to multimillion dollar transactions. As our private equity clients aggressively compete for investment opportunities, we guide them through the complexities of structuring and executing these transactions on optimal business and legal terms. We have years of experience representing private equity firms, strategic acquirors engaged in rapid industry consolidations, and other sophisticated buyers and investors on the buy-side. On the sell-side, we represent the same types of clients as well as entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, and closely-held private companies.

Our Litigation Practice is dedicated to providing clients with strategic and creative advocacy and advice on their most complex litigation and dispute resolution needs across the globe.

At Global Attorneys our team that encompasses every aspect of complex environmental, safety and health litigation, rulemaking and policy development, compliance counseling, project siting and infrastructure development, property acquisition, site remediation and brownfields redevelopment, and water rights and water resource management.

We employ a comprehensive approach when it comes to our International Trade practice. We focus on global import and export compliance, international trade policy and market access and trade remedies/defense.

We work with a global network on cross-border transactions involving the purchase, sale, construction, financing, development, management and operation of and investment in commercial, industrial, retail, lodging and residential projects worldwide.

Global Attorneys has dedicated regional attorneys. We bring in-depth knowledge of the markets in which we operate, and our local law capabilities — including for North American, English, European, Asian and African law — allow us to address the multijurisdictional aspects of cross-border matters as well as specific domestic legal issues.

Protecting assets against the erosive effects of taxes and personal lawsuits, passing on a business, caring for elderly or infirm parents, handling divorce, and maximizing the value of charitable giving, can have a huge impact on an individual's material and emotional well being. To assist with these unique needs, Global Attorneys offers the experience to manage the legal issues of families and their businesses, regardless of venue.